How to draw all Mangekyou Sharingan 万華鏡写輪眼

15.07.2019   |   by Tukasa

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Comments "How to draw all Mangekyou Sharingan 万華鏡写輪眼":

Автор: Dasar
Eu fiz e fico mais ou menos , mais parabens vc desenha muito bem 👍❤
Автор: Voodoobei
i love ur art!:3
Автор: Mikadal
Sasuke’s EMS and MS are favourite. His are the only ones having black background and intricate design. 2nd is Madara EMS 3rd is Kakashi/Obito MS.
Автор: Arazshura
Deidara was wrong all along
Автор: Mushura
EMS Sasuke
Автор: Golabar
eta geus ngojay dimana panon npi ka beureum kitu
Автор: Vugore
Obito/Kakashi's looks best
Автор: Nejinn
Автор: Samujinn
pakay insto
Автор: Aramuro
I just see madara's sharing as a fidget spinner
Автор: Kishura
Lol I notice that the design of the eyes look like fidget spinner
Автор: Dolmaran
melhor artista do mundo
Автор: Mezirr
Kakashi is my favourite naruto character...
Автор: Faulkis
Thank you for how drawing sasuke mangekyou sharingan and itachi mangekyou
Автор: Arashishakar
WOW this guy got 👍 drawing skills 👏
Автор: Shakalar
Izuna looks like fidget spinner.
Автор: Tushakar
Fidget spinner eyes
Автор: Tera
cool my favorit is itachis
Автор: Meztirisar
I did if all thx man your drawings are impressive!
Автор: Nejora
You are good at drawing fidget spinners :P
Автор: Voodoozragore
But i still miss those in Itachis explaination of the Izanami and Izanagi.
Автор: Sajind
This isnt how to draw, this is drawing
Автор: Arashizragore
And Indra's Original Mangekyou Sharingan???
Автор: Bashura
lukis = drawing eh ?
Автор: Kajilabar
My favorite is kakashi's and itachi's i dont know i just think they look cool
Автор: Mikanos
Thats not all the mangekyou sharingan
Автор: Mizuru
Kakashi and obito sharingan looks best out of all these.
Автор: Gardazil
4.Ems Sasuke
Автор: Zolomi
Автор: Visho
The way you draw looks so smooth.
Автор: Yojind
The best sharingan that looks the best: Itachi
Автор: Kagalar
Who ever dislicked is jealous of skill XD
Автор: Mijin
Автор: Daill
Im still learning How to draw circle
Автор: Gall
Автор: Golticage
Автор: Gogul
Автор: Yorisar
obito and kakashi sharingan looks best
Автор: Dirg
That moment you realize the only 2 people in this series that are known have been able to obtain EMS...
Автор: Nikasa
What markers do U use..??? Amazing video... C:
Автор: Zugar
Автор: Zulkihn
Sasuke shatingan and Obito/Kakashi sharingan
Автор: Nazil
Ficou muito bom!
Автор: Gardakazahn
Madara's Mangekyou Sharingan is my fav
Автор: Mikarg
amazing draw
Автор: Duran
check the description, it said: it's actually pretty easy to draw these eyes 😂😂😂
Автор: Shazuru
i cant draw kakashi/ obito and madara ;(
Автор: Mesho
Oh,and I forgot,where are Baru's,Rai's and Naori's MS??
Автор: Nagul
Now draw Sasuke's dad's mangekyou
Автор: Yozshunos
it's so hard!😔
Автор: Kalmaran
We frate per natale ti regalo un compasso
Автор: Vudomuro
He makes it look so easy. Like if u agree
Автор: Faekree
falto el rinnegan :(
Автор: Toramar
EMS stand for "Enternal Mangekyou Sharingan"
Автор: Dak
you could do better with Izuna sharingan
Автор: Kegrel
2 favorites
Автор: Tasho
You so amazing
Автор: Gak
He became mass. I also made the sharingan and soon will make the most special of Naruto anime eyes. I enjoyed your video.
Автор: Nikokinos
Wait a minute. Sasuke has sharingan?
Автор: Faegrel
If you ding know
Автор: Vudole
maybe thats why my kakashi ended up with itachi's mangekyo...
Автор: Zologal
Автор: Fenriran
Sharinnegan is my favorite
Автор: Nikojin
Ok juga
Автор: Dugis
The one thing I came here for was Fugaku's mangekyou.
Автор: Julmaran
where is Fugaku Uchiha's(Itachi Uchiha's father) Mangekyou Sharingan ????
Автор: Tojabei
It's funny how madara's mangekyou Sharingan is the closest to the original sharingan
Автор: Brara
они бы убили тебя зп такие глаза)
Автор: Gardamuro
Pictures is beautiful
Автор: Fejin
I'm really interested in the fact that Sasuke's seems to be the only one that's red on the inside and black on the outside.
Автор: Akinom
Автор: Mazusho
Itachi sharingan
Автор: Gatilar
Автор: Malarr
1. Obito/Kakashi
Автор: Kektilar
They all look like fidget spinners
Автор: Jule
Автор: Vogrel
Man ur tuto is too easy and when u put the colors it's like try to don't get satisfited challenge +1 sub btw
Автор: Bajora
Imagine Madara Blue eyes (Shareit lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °))
Автор: Gok
Itachi Shisui =best mangekyo sharingan by far
Автор: Midal
It's actually indra's and sasuke's mangekyou the enternal sasuke's
Автор: Kazratilar
You forgot the mangekyou sharingan of Itachi's father
Автор: Nikokree
you draw just like masashi kishimoto
Автор: Gujas
Shisui sharingan
Автор: Nikokasa
only mangekyo i know how to draw :susky
Автор: Mikale
Just drawing a circle is hard but drawing these eyes is amazing
Автор: Nalkree
Автор: Gardara
So art is a drawing not an explosion ?
Автор: Mijora
Madara's Kinda Looks like a Fidget Spinner...
Автор: Shaktilabar
Автор: JoJolar
Obito/Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan
Автор: Tashicage
Amazing, awesome, spectacular, ultimate. So cool, keep up the good work.
Автор: Fenrijar
Itachi's father mangekyou?
Автор: Kigagore
Itachi obito And kakashi And Danzou And shisui have coolest sharingan
Автор: Votaxe
draw normal sharingan too
Автор: Mikarg
Автор: Mooguk
The Coloring is Good but you don't have any care for your Inking Process....Keep Practicing
Автор: Goltihn
Автор: Bajar
U didn't do Susukes dads sharingan
Автор: Dibar
Amazing drawing bro like it hehehe😉😉😉😆😆
Автор: Akiramar
Автор: Tusida
Автор: Bazragore
Автор: Nilrajas
thanks for teaching me how to draw Sasuke mangekyou sharingan
Автор: Akijas
Look to the left
Автор: Grorisar
géniale mais tu devrais aller moins vite
Автор: Nalkis
I'd to set that as my background picture
Автор: Yoshura
Marada one is a fidget spinner
Автор: Ner
Sai likes this :D
Автор: Zolojin
It still triggeres me that Danzo had access to my favorite uchiha shisuis sharingan
Автор: Tum
Where Can I Buy These Unique Fidget Spinners?
Автор: Vokazahn
he did mine yes
Автор: Mobei
Me: Hahahahah! Hope this guy fails
Автор: Shaktilabar
It takes me 10 minutes to draw a lvl 1 sharingan
Автор: Daigal
Where is The Mangeykou Sharıngan form Fugaku Uchiha
Автор: Zolorg
i tacнi fidge spinner
Автор: Najin
Автор: Fehn
You make this look so easy xD
Автор: Akigis
could you email me a full color scan of that please?
Автор: Tole
wtf you are the best drawer i ever seen
Автор: Gogis
naruto song is band flow go!!!
Автор: Gusar
Автор: Kinos
there are more mangekyou sharingan
Автор: Mahn
I always had trouble drawing obitos sharingan but this helped me
Автор: Mara
Автор: Shakashura
Izuna is simple and easy lol!!!! No offense Madara
Автор: Vogami
Автор: Zuluran
origin of fidget spinners
Автор: Tesida
Kakashi/Obito <3
Автор: Zuluzuru
Man people make this seem so easy -_-
Автор: Shakakazahn
Автор: Voodooshura
Top 3 Favorites:
Автор: Sakora
Автор: Nizragore
Kakashi's mangekyo looks like a fidget spinner
Автор: Arashijar
Im having trouble on shisui and kakashi and itachi sharngans the rest i all masterd
Автор: Grotaxe
End of Video
Автор: Kikora
your drawing are to fast!!!!!!!!!
Автор: Vizahn
--- EMS Sasuke
Автор: Mikagrel
Madaras eye look like spinner xD
Автор: Voodoomuro
The video that helped me perfect my Naruto drawing skills. Nostalgia.
Автор: Dagis
nice man! like
Автор: Gardagis
bom só único br
Автор: Zugrel
Автор: Zunris
it looks exactly the same as you thx u very much bro!
Автор: Kehn
sharingan Sasuke and EMS Sasuke is not "RED" its "Purple" watch again and then you make video better
Автор: Majas
Автор: Mejinn
thx for drawing my eyes XD
Автор: Gagar
where is fugaku's sharingan? :<
Автор: Meztilkis
song? plz
Автор: Toshicage
i like sharingan kakashi and obito
Автор: Taugal
but everything looks amazing!
Автор: Nikobei
Nice! And now pleasee Sharingan all versions, Rinnegan all versions. Thanks <3
Автор: Akinoshicage
2nd best looking sharingan: obito
Автор: Yozshushicage
Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
Автор: Grogore
Me: ...
Автор: Miktilar
lol Sasuke's is the only one which has the black in the background XD
Автор: Aragore
Sharingan look like fidget spinners
Автор: Gardalar
It helped me a lot.
Автор: Taukree
Shisui/Danzou's Mangekyo Sharingan
Автор: Zulutaxe
your control with the plumon is amaizing
Автор: JoJozahn
The design of Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan just looks really off...
Автор: Akisar
I think you messed up sasuke's mangekyo sharingan a bit but anyway nice tutorial really helped me a lot!
Автор: Meshakar
2 Favorites
Автор: Dilkree
Do more eyes like a rinnegan and sage
Автор: Zulkilrajas
Автор: Tebei
Itachi's and Shisui's are my favourites
Автор: JoJoshakar
Itachis ms is very inconsistent throughout the anime
Автор: Tygogul
for me EMS Sasuke was the best one
Автор: Kagak
I like Sasuke's EMS and Obito/Kakashi's mangekyo sharingan the best.
Автор: Mezigul
miss father's sasuke
Автор: Taukree
is this guy malay because i know lukis mean drawinh
Автор: Shadal
Can you learn how I activate the sharingan 😂😂
Автор: Mezimi
Edit: Sorry for my bad english
Автор: Nelar
Sasuke’s EMS is Itachi’s.
Автор: Kazrakora
My sharigan would be a fidget spinner
Автор: Zuluzilkree
I Need my Sharingan to see this through :3
Автор: Kekinos
you draw very well . my favorite Sharingan and EMS Sasuke
Автор: Shagami
Step no.1 draw a circle
Автор: Nabar
sharingan are always beautiful
Автор: Musho
Itachi mangekyou is most hardest to draw...(or maybe that just me)... :P
Автор: Doulabar
when i saw the finelining i just thought the whole time
Автор: Toktilar
worst looking sharingan: shisui (mostly due to how big the middle is)
Автор: Mazull
Thank you for showing me how to draw Sasuke's Mangekyou sharingan! :D Liked and subscribed!
Автор: JoJogar
heee ficou bom
Автор: Mikarn
They are not that hard just need the practice the hardest is sasuke, kasakshi/obito, and madara 
Автор: Samut
Кто рисовал?Круто очень!
Автор: Voodoogul
thisi is ¨drawing all mangekyou sharingan¨ it isnt ¨how to draw all mangekyou sharinga¨
Автор: Modal
the reason its easy because u good in drawing
Автор: Tygokinos
lol i just scribble on the paper, and hope a shape works... wait!
Автор: Meztik
Автор: Zulurg
Imagine blue colour ones
Автор: Sazshura
Автор: Gujind
Honest Opinion. Sasuke's father's looks the best.
Автор: Dogar
Автор: Jukree
3. Itachi
Автор: Gutaur
Knew hpw to do all this before watching the vid XD
Автор: Moogunris
Who agree?
Автор: Aragami
Step no.3 add some details
Автор: Shaktibar
WTF hwo can you draw so good?!?!?!?!?!?! TEACH ME SENPAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Автор: Bragul
i like the Obito/Kakashi one most
Автор: Juktilar
Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan
Автор: Meztigis
you right but I love it if it's real long time ago
Автор: Tele
The coloring part is so satisfying. Who all agree?
Автор: Kagahn
Fav sharingan
Автор: Tauzshura
malay ? Lwa lukis bhaii ;)
Автор: Volmaran
Автор: Mauran
you are very big talent for drawing
Автор: Kazigar
3 favorites
Автор: Najinn
He miss Uchiha Fugaku Mangekyo Sharingan drawing
Автор: Goltilabar
dont rush it
Автор: Nigrel
Obito's and kakashi's looks like a fidget spinner hehe
Автор: Shakagor
Best Sharingans are Shisui's and Obito's in that order if you're thinking ability-wise. I'd say Shisui's is on a class of its own. 
Автор: Meshura
I thought its was a fidget spinner
Автор: Maukinos
2. EMS Sasuke
Автор: Shaktirr
That is amazing👌
Автор: Mishakar
Автор: Jugis
i like itachs best
Автор: Shazshura
The best sharingan is Fugaku uchiha ! 😂
Автор: Kigagami
why isn't there a fidget spinner?!?
Автор: Tum
Wow thats a amazing drawing:D
Автор: Kigagar
I watch it just for being satisfied
Автор: Karg
Did u know theres another eye
Автор: Mejar
Fugaku Uchiha?
Автор: Voodoogar
drawings from the animator
Автор: Daishicage
hebat gila bak ang 😎😎😎😎
Автор: Bashura
that is true shargan art
Автор: Zolohn
My favorit is Obito/Kakashi
Автор: Dujin
oh my god you are a Genius
Автор: Tygomi
For those who don't know , he's Itachi's and Sasuke's father.
Автор: Fenrigis
Автор: Sharamar
(Transplanted eye.)
Автор: Shakagal
Idk why but there is something satisfying about watching shit drawn in fast motion.
Автор: Kigore
madaras is almost like a fidget spinner lol
Автор: Mesida
daora (awsome).
Автор: Najin
OMG ur amazing!!!😊
Автор: Akira
Автор: Nakinos
--- Obito/Kakashi
Автор: Kigal
1. Itachi's sharingan
Автор: Mijar
--- Madara
Автор: Milabar
I love your drawing
Автор: Shaktikazahn
you lost one fugaku
Автор: Tor
what you top favorite
Автор: Tezilkree
Автор: Tygogis
Step no.2 draw 3 points
Автор: Ditaxe
It's amazed and incredible sharingan's!!!!!SUPER!
Автор: Mausida
i think sasuke and kakashi/obito arr thr best
Автор: Gataur
muito foda
Автор: Zuktilar
2. Sasuke's sharingan
Автор: Faurr
Автор: Arataur
Автор: Duhn
1.EMS sasuke
Автор: Ararr
Shin's sharingan😂😂?
Автор: Kazrashicage

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